Писмо от ГлаксоСмитКлайн относно Ротарикс ваксините


Dear President Dr. Ass. Lyubomir Kirov, M.D. and members of NSOPLB,


We have read with great interest your letter posted on the NSOPLB website. GSK also regrets the temporary interruption of the Bulgarian Rotavirus National Immunisation Program. Please note that we are very keen to continue to partner with the Bulgarian Government to ensure this National Immunisation Programme continues. Our distribution partner in Bulgaria is currently engaged with relevant authorities to discuss the necessary steps to continue to deliver the vaccine to children in Bulgaria, and we remain committed to supporting them in this aim.


If you or the NSOPLB members should have any medical related question please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kindest regards,

Dr. Jan Dolhain, DVM

Senior Medical Manager Vaccines EMC Partnerships Markets

GSK Biologicals


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