II-nd Conference of the Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of South-East Europe (A GP/FM SEE)


"General Practice/Family Medicine in the XXI Century"

10 – 13 November, 2011 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great honor and privilege to invite you to the II-nd Conference of the Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of South-East Europe, which will be held in Plovdiv, the fascinating city of Bulgaria, between the 10-13 November 2011.

This Conference is being organized by the National Association of General practitioners in Bulgaria (NAGPB) and the Association of Family Medicine/General Practice of South-East Europe (A GP/FM SEE).

The A GP/FM SEE is organized on the grounds of peace, friendship and cooperation in terms of exchanging good practice, improving quality and defending interests of the society in all member countries. During the past years the A GP/FM SEE developed and became a really respected organization both in the field of its domain in Europe and throughout the world. Let the Conference be both a professional and a cultural event! Let us together give a proof that we-general practitioners and family doctors- and our art of medicine do not have borders and different languages. And that is, because we live in the world of health and our goal is helping people.

It has been decided for the Conference to be held every second year in different member countries of the A GP/FM SEE and in different cities, respectively. The Association Council has chosen Plovdiv as the Second Conference host, and the organization board will do its best to make it a successful and unforgettable event.

This meeting is an opportunity to meet colleagues from South-East Europe countries, to enhance communication and share experience in practicing medicine, developing and conducting continuing medical education (CME) and promoting research in the field of Primary Health Care.

The II-nd Conference of A GP/FM SEE will also help us to build awareness about common and overwhelming problems in the region and to update current knowledge on the recent advances in the medical field.

We hope that you will enjoy the magical atmosphere of the ancient city of Plovdivl and experience some of unforgettable moments. Do not miss them! We are looking forward to see you in Plovdiv, November, 2011.

With respect!

Dr. Lyubomir Kirov
NAGPB President

Prim. Dr. Lyubin Sukriev
A GP/FM SEE President



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